Body & Soul Therapeutic Massage
Laura R. Bradford, LMT
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Body & Soul Therapeutic Massage is located minutes from downtown Ocala, Florida.
Massage is an ancient healing art which works on all levels, bringing harmony to the body, mind, and spirit. If the body is calmed and relaxed, anxiety in the mind will be lessened.

In India, massage is considered to be indispensable and beneficial literally from the cradle to the grave. In Japan, people are regularly visited by a shiatsu practitioner who goes from house to house asking "Shiatsu today?". Westerners also recognize that massage can be an important part of stress management, and findings indicate that the art of giving simple massage reduces stress even in the givers.

The positive benefits of massage begins with its influence on the connective tissues of the body. Skillful handling of the muscles assists in circulation of the blood and lymphatic fluids, improves the performance of the lungs and skin, and stimulates the organs of digestion. As muscle tone improves, so do the nerves that supply them, all the way to the spinal cord, and the brain.

Whole person health can be positively impacted by a professionally applied massage program.

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